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Lauri Meat Market Ltd | Services

Full Services Butcher & Grocery Store Serving the Toronto Area

We are committed to providing first-quality grocery and Ontario meat / meat products to our customers, with respect for their religious requirements.

We strive to assist in their observance of their particular faiths. Contact Lauri Meat Market Ltd today to learn more.


We offer a number of services and products to our Toronto-area customers, including:

  • Butcher

  • African Grocery

  • Burnt Goat Feet

  • Burnt Goat Head

  • Burnt Cow Feet

  • Goat Tripe

  • Full Cows

  • Whole Sheep

  • Whole Goats

  • Beef

  • Chicken

  • Soup Chickens

  • Guri

  • Fufu

  • Equisi

  • Yams

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Planning A Special Event?

We are happy to take advanced orders.

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